Cours de Yoga en ligne

Cours de Yoga en ligne

Comparatif de 17 plateformes sérieuses

En 2020, nos vies ont changé.
Avec les confinements et les fermetures de studio de yoga, nous avons tous dû apprendre à reprendre le contrôle de nos corps.
Si vous avez une voiture, mais que vous avez besoin d’un chauffeur pour vous conduire, la voiture ne vous appartient pas vraiment.
De la même manière, on a appris que très peu d’entre nous avait un corps qui nous appartenait pleinement.

C’est pourquoi les cours de yoga en ligne ont explosé quelques mois plus tard.
Avant le confinement, il existait environ 5 plateformes de vidéos de yoga sérieuses en France. En 2024, il en existe une vingtaine.

Dans cet article, nous allons comparer ces plateformes sur plusieurs critères, pour les noter, les classer, et ainsi vous aider à choisir la meilleure plateforme de cours de yoga en ligne.
Mais avant ça, voyons les inconvénients et les avantages des cours de Yoga en ligne.

The benefits of online yoga classes

Do yoga wherever you want

With online classes, you don't waste time commuting.

The online yoga classes take place wherever you want. A real advantage if you don't have a car and you want to use it for avoid wasting hours on public transport.

Forget the traffic jams and let yourself go in the comfort of your living room. And why not add some music when the classes do not have any?

The online classes are also a great advantage if you have children but you can't hire someone to look after them while you go to the studio.

Although it is not advisable to get angry during yoga classes with children running around the house, it is much easier to reconcile family life and sport.

Alignment, concentration, mantra, chakra... These words will be on the agenda.

In any case, you don't have to stay at home to take online yoga classes. Keep in mind that the only limit to where these classes take place is your internet connection.

So why not take advantage of the good weather to do yoga in the garden or go to the park? If you have a data connection on your tablet or mobile phone, or if you have Wi-Fi, you don't need anything else.

online yoga classes anywhere

An option for yogis living in the countryside

Having access to an online yoga platform is a perfect solution for people who live far away from big cities such as Bordeaux, France where I am currently living. Sometimes, when we live in small towns, it is difficult to find gyms or centres that offer yoga classes..

Thanks to the online classes, everyone can practice yoga wherever they are. Thanks to this new offer, the demand for video yoga class platforms has only increased.

Take a yoga class at any time

If you barely have time to breathe, online yoga classes are perfect for you because they fit in with your free time.

Would you like to do a yoga class at the end of your day around 11pm?

Good luck finding a studio! And who wants to go out at this hour?

No, just start a good little class of Yin yoga or of nidra, and voila! You're ready for an extraordinary night's sleep.

Really progress the way you want it

When you are in the studio, you progress, but you progress slowly, and in the same way as everyone else.

You progress slowly because you can't do more classes than those offered and that fit your schedule.

And often, the difficulty of the class will be adapted if there are newcomers, and the benefits worked on will be global to satisfy everyone.

When you do online video yoga classes, you choose the course you want to follow for the benefit you are interested in, and you can do a yoga class whenever you feel like it. No need to check a schedule!

The price of yoga classes

The final advantage of online classes is their price.

Yoga studio subscriptions and individual classes tend to be expensive. On the other hand, on a platform, you pay a very low subscription fee, or even sometimes a one-time payment to access a hundred classes whenever you want, and as many times as you want.

What's more, most of the time you can even test these platforms completely free of charge for a few days to see if the quality of the teaching and the platform meets your expectations.

Breathing control, personal development, flexibility, muscular strengthening, relaxation, bodybuilding... Do you need us to mention other benefits of yoga classes to convince you?

Disadvantages of video yoga classes

As much as it pains us to admit it, the truth is that online yoga classes also have drawbacks. But don't worry, it all depends on your profile and how you want to learn how to perform the yoga postures.

Être seul pendant votre séance de yoga

One of the main drawbacks of online yoga classes is that you will be alone in the effort. When we sign up for classes online on a platform, we may have the feeling that we are not surrounded enough, unlike in the studio where we are surrounded by other yogis who are struggling as much as we are. haha

Solution: invite a friend to your yoga classes!
online yoga class with friends

Not having an excuse to leave one's home

Yoga classes can be a way to escape from the world and relax. So there are those who prefer take advantage of these little moments to get out of the house and have fun.

This is why the fact that online yoga classes are usually held at home is a deterrent to some.

Although, as we have already mentioned, you can attend classes in the park or in the garden. The truth is that the most comfortable place is usually our living room or bedroom, so that in the end we do not leave the house.

Solution: go to a friend's house who wants to do yoga with you for a change of scenery. Or go together to the park.

Not having the right environment

Have you ever stubbed your toe trying to practice the sun salutation in your room?

If your room looks more like an Ikea storage room than a rest area, you may find it difficult to focus on your body and mind during your yoga sessions.

Yoga postures, or asanas, require space, so keep this in mind when choosing a place to practice yoga.

You must do what you can to relax your mind: candles, background music, green plants... Even the smallest detail can help you in this process (fortunately, the best platforms in our ranking already create a nice atmosphere for you).

Solution: reserve a space dedicated to yoga sessions in a corner of your living room, for example. Mat, essential oils, candles... It's up to you to decide how to personalise this space to your taste.
online yoga class with good atmosphere

Online yoga classes for beginners

The question I am most often asked is : can beginners start yoga with online videos?

The answer is yes.

Before I became a yoga teacher, I learned from videos, and no, I didn't pick up any bad habits. If the teacher you follow is good, then you can learn yoga online as well as in the studio.

And if the platform has programmes with a specific objective, you can even learn and progress faster than in the studio.

The ranking

PlateformTotal ratingAnnual PricingTrialRefunded guaranteeMultiple teachersVideo qualityFiltersGuided CoursesHelp to progressA variety of stylesPregnant womenMeditationPranayamaShort videosFree videos
The Last Yogi18$4930d365d (conditions)NoProYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
Glo 18 $216 7d No Yes Pro Yes Yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Inner dimension TV 18 $180 10d No Yes Pro Yes Yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yoga internationnal 18 $264 14d No Yes Pro Yes Yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Tint Yoga 17.5 $199 14d Sometimes Yes Pro Yes Yes yes Lack of spiritual No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alomoves 17 $199 14d No Yes Pro Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Gaia 16 $99 7d No Yes Semi-Pro Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yogi Approved 15.5 $120 14d No Yes Pro Yes Yes No Lack of Spiritual Yes Yes Too little Yes No
Yoga Girl 13 $144 10d No Yes Semi-Pro Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

The rating index in detail

The number of teachers (1 point)

This is not a positive or negative point, but a point of preference: some people prefer to have access to several teachers in their practice, others will be very happy to follow a single teacher all their life.

But to satisfy everyone, we still included this option in the index.

The quality of the videos (3 points)

Here, the quality of the videos is evaluated on 3 levels:

  • Replay quality (1 point) : if the videos are simply recorded in a raw manner with webcam, or camera without editing or high-end hearing solution (microphone). Here we often find videos that have been recorded during a live class on zoom or other.
  • Semi-pro quality (2 points) : it refers to videos whose video and audio quality is very good, but whose editing did not require much effort.
  • Pro quality (3 points) : here, not only the videos have a very good video and audio quality, they have also been edited to have several camera angles, and a better experience (music, better colours...).

Filters for videos (1 point)

Most platforms have a large number of videos.

But it doesn't make sense if you can't find them all according to your needs: duration of the class, benefit of the class, type of yoga?

1 point is therefore given to platforms that have set up a research filter for video classes.

Presence of programme (1 point)

If the platform has courses, i.e. series of videos created together, to be made one after the other, to reach a specific goal, it gains 1 point.

Quantity of courses (2 points)

Yoga offers several benefits. The platform should therefore offer more than one course. It gains 2 extra points if it has more than one course, but only 1 point if it offers only one.

Clear progression (1 point)

The biggest problem with platforms is that they offer a plethora of videos, and many courses, to the point where the user does not know what to watch.

1 point is therefore given to platforms that have made the effort to make the user's progress clear (ordered and logical list of courses, point system, etc.).

Several forms of yoga (4 points)

Even though all forms of yoga are valid according to a scientific research of 2016, it is interesting to vary the pleasures. This is why we have divided the different forms of yoga into 4 categories, each with a score of 1 point:

  • Soft forms of yoga such as slow hatha or even vinyasa classes.
  • Dynamic forms of yoga such as dynamic vinyasa, or power yoga.
  • The forms of yoga working mainly suppleness like yin yoga.
  • The forms of yoga having " a spiritual focus like kundalini or yoga nidra.

Classes for pregnant women (1 point)

Even if it is not unanimous in the yogic community is scientific, we started from the principle that pregnant women had a specific need, especially for preparation for childbirth, and recovery after childbirth.

We therefore give 1 point to everyone who has thought of them.

Meditation (1 point)

There can be no yoga without meditation.

We therefore award one point to platforms offering video or audio meditation outside of yoga classes.

Pranayama (1 point)

In the same way, breathing exercises have a place of their own in yoga, and should be covered in specific videos, outside of yoga classes.

1 point is therefore given to platforms that have thought about it, if only for the mental benefits it provides in a short period of time.

Presence of short videos (1 point)

It is important to have access to videos of less than 15min for our craziest days. Platforms that offer them therefore gain 1 point.

Presence of free videos (1 point)

Beyond the trial period, if you never want to pay, do you still have access to videos on the platform? It is a necessity to include all purses, especially in a field like yoga. Platforms that have understood this earn 1 point.

Overall rating

The overall score is therefore the sum of all these criteria and has a maximum of 20.

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